Thursday, March 15, 2007

happy (belated) pi day.

meant to post wednesday afternoon at 1.59 and wish y'all a nerdy "happy pi day" (3/14 1.59 ) but got wrapped up and never got around to it (then blogger was acting up yesterady, so...) maybe next year.

here's yet another commission piece... figured it'd go with the new look torch as opposed to the classic (although i miss all those black lines for some reason... and his having hair just seems... off) at this rate, i'll have enough for 2 more canson sketchbooks in no time.

decided last minute to head up to the convention in boston this weekend, so if you're there swing by and say "hey!"


anybody catch "andy barker, p.i." last night? i really enjoyed it... we'll see if it has legs.


Bill Nolan said...

Craig, great to hear you're going to be in Boston this Sunday. Coincidentally, I just got a new sketchbook...!

Didn't catch Andy Barker last night, too tired, went to bed early. I don't watch many (any?) sitcoms these days. I will say that BSG has pretty much lost me. I've found it sort of boring and tedious lately. On the other hand, I've been loving Lost this season (unlike the rest of the world, I guess). I thought the ending of this week's episode was one of the funniest things I've seen in a TV drama in a long time. And I've been enjoying 24 as well, tho' it usually takes me all week to get around to watching it. I can only stomach it in small, 20-minute chunks for some reason.

Anyway, see ya Sunday!

Brian said...

Thanks, I love Pie, oh wait . . . that's not what you meant is it.

Anyway, great to hear you'll be doing the Boston show and I'll be sure to bring that poster for you.

See you and Bill there.

dogboy443 said...

MIssed ANdy Barker, not a funny sitcom kind of guy. Did catch the uirky Jefff Goldblum as Raines. Interesting premiss as long as Goldblum doesn't get over directed and left to all of his "acting" techniques.


Brian said...

I've got andy barker on tape, so I'll let you know what I think once I get a chance to screen it.