Thursday, March 15, 2007

happy (belated) pi day.

meant to post wednesday afternoon at 1.59 and wish y'all a nerdy "happy pi day" (3/14 1.59 ) but got wrapped up and never got around to it (then blogger was acting up yesterady, so...) maybe next year.

here's yet another commission piece... figured it'd go with the new look torch as opposed to the classic (although i miss all those black lines for some reason... and his having hair just seems... off) at this rate, i'll have enough for 2 more canson sketchbooks in no time.

decided last minute to head up to the convention in boston this weekend, so if you're there swing by and say "hey!"


anybody catch "andy barker, p.i." last night? i really enjoyed it... we'll see if it has legs.
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