Wednesday, April 11, 2007

whaddaya know... another canson paper piece...

okay, a quick one...
here's a domino commission.

now that the initial hype's over, maybe we can have some realistic expectations for dice-k's pitching here in red sox nation... (and that would mean the sox need to hit the ball, too)

not a surprise, but looks like nbc pulled the plug on andy barker... and the black donnellys got pulled off the schedule, too (usually not a good sign... although i won't miss it... lost interest after the second or third episode)

the shield is still going strong... and lost has got me hooked again... and just when 24 seems off it's game, they throw a curve like the final minutes of this week's show (granted, i doubt this season's gonna match last year, but we can hope).

-c (can't get the title track of fountains of wayne's new cd, traffic and weather, outta my head)
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