Wednesday, April 11, 2007

whaddaya know... another canson paper piece...

okay, a quick one...
here's a domino commission.

now that the initial hype's over, maybe we can have some realistic expectations for dice-k's pitching here in red sox nation... (and that would mean the sox need to hit the ball, too)

not a surprise, but looks like nbc pulled the plug on andy barker... and the black donnellys got pulled off the schedule, too (usually not a good sign... although i won't miss it... lost interest after the second or third episode)

the shield is still going strong... and lost has got me hooked again... and just when 24 seems off it's game, they throw a curve like the final minutes of this week's show (granted, i doubt this season's gonna match last year, but we can hope).

-c (can't get the title track of fountains of wayne's new cd, traffic and weather, outta my head)


Bill Nolan said...

Ignore the haters! Lost has been consistently awesome this season. It's the only show I go out of my way to watch ASAP each week. Good to hear something interesting happens in this week's 24 to help salvage this season. The last few weeks have been pretty weak.

Anyway, all the other shows are just time fillers until the return of Sci-Fi Friday this week. The final 10 episodes of SG-1! The return of Stargate: Atlantis! What could be better?

dogboy443 said...

Yes...the final episodes of Stargate SG-1. Finally. Please make that piece of garbage go away. For this piece of tripe...they cancelled Farscape. Puhlease!


dogboy443 said...

Oh, Craig, did you get my e-mail about the Creature commission?



Brian said...

Great color choices on this one. Is this your first Domino?


P.S. For the other 5 Andy Barker Fans out there, the final two episodes are on this Saturday starting at 8.

Bill Nolan said...

Ugh, another bitter, confused Farscape fan blaming SG-1 for that show's cancellation... sorry your puppet show didn't appeal to a wider audience...

craig rousseau said...

yikes... now kids, play nice.

and just so as to remain completely neutral, i'd just like to say i've never watched either show.

(and mark, i should be able to get to that piece in the next few weeks!)

Brian said...

Hard for me not to like both show since Claudia Black showed up on both of them.

Hmmm, Claudia Black, now that might make a nice sketch.

Bill Nolan said...

Wait, did I forget my smilie in the original post... Here ya go:


Bill Nolan said...

BTW, Brian, Claudia Black, and playing her daughter (it makes sense in the show) in several episodes this season, Morena Baccarin... I know you can't resist that combo.

Brian said...


I now have a legitimate reason for asking for the two of them in a sketch togeter.

Brian is one happy camper.

dogboy443 said...

Dear Bill
Sad, sad Bill.
Farscape was one of the best sci-fi shows on TV in the past 15 years. Great stories and concepts, great effects and puppetry. Great acting and of course a damn fine blue babe. Blows away Stargate, either version. Too bad Sci-Fi screwed it up and eneded it prematurely and then tried to ressurrect it and failed. The Hensen group showed what could be done with creative minds and extraordinary talent on a TV budget.

BTW, aren't there 2 former 'Scapers helping out the pathetic StarGate SG-1?

Mark M

Brian said...

In regard to the beautiful blue lady, Zhann, it wasn't until I met her at a convention here in the Boston area that I realized Virginia Hey was the Warrior Woman from Mad Max 2.

She was a true pleasure to met and still looked as good as she did back in heer Mad Max days.