Saturday, May 31, 2008

spidey loves mj!

okay, so i'm hard at work on issue 2 of spidey loves mary jane and just wrapped issue 3 of the haps (our lead story is 14 pages - we meant to go 12, but it just wouldn't stop! - with 2 killer back-up stories by tad stones and new proud poppa kelly yates!) ...

now that it's listed in previews, i guess it's real... "spidey loves mary jane" starts august 6! the stories by comics legend terry frakkin' moore are a LOT of fun (and it's cool that while it's a marvel comic and it's spider-man!, it's not all superheros and fights... spidey is just a supporting character in tmj's teenage world)... here's the colored page that ran in previews... (again, i'm going with a fun, bouncy open animated style 'cause it fits the feel of the story... and the colorist just knocked it outta the park)...

can't believe we've gotta wait until next year for more lost! (what a great finale...)


Bob said...

I am sooooo geeked waiting for this teen angst comic to come out! 2 of my fave creators on one comic! I'll just say that I'm buying it for the girls;).

Great finale for Lost! Glad I bought the other seasons discs to keep me going until then.

Brian said...

First and foremost, I love the Spidey and MJ image; it looks fantastic.

Second, big congrats to the new proud papa, Mr. Yeats and I'm looking forward to seeing both his and Tad's back-ups for issue 3 - goes without saying how much I'm looking forward to the lead story as well.

As for Lost, I really enjoyed the season finale and I'm starting to think they just might be able to pull this off.