Monday, May 22, 2006

season finale time...

gahhh, we haveta wait until january for more of the jack bauer power hour?!? and what was in that case that kept keith mars from meeting veronica?! and only one more sopranos until 2007?! and only 2 more hours of dharma initiative/others conspiracy craziness on lost? and i'm gonna miss michael's relentless belittling of toby at dunder mifflin until the fall (that scene in the finale, among countless others, had me in stiches)...

at least we've still got deadwood and rescue me coming up (and we haven't even started watching the final alias episodes we've got on the tivo)... and we just managed to watch all the episodes of love monkey that vh1 recently aired (too bad that it wasn't called csi:love monkey , then cbs might not've given it the ax so quickly...)

so, can ya tell that with all that crazy deadline stuff gone by, i've finally had a chance to relax? (and get back to work on finishing work on the house)... not to say i'm not getting work done, like the covers for the next 'haps series coming out at the end of the year... (above is the cover for the first issue, in case you're wondering), getting through a few commissions and more...



Brian said...

Great cover Craig, really looking forward to the next mini.

As for the Alias two hour finale, I've got my fingers crossed that our Comcast DVR actually recorded it
last night. Went to turn the TV on last night and could only get a blue screen. The box indicated that it was
recording the show, so I'm hoping its just a glitch in the connecting cables, because if we have to get a new box, there go the 8 episodes of House I still haven't had a chance to watch.


P.S. How about Schilling on Monday. He looked dominating and his return to form couldn't have come at a better time.

craig rousseau said...

well, that would certainly suck if ya lost that finale and all the house you haven't watched... oddly enough, two weeks ago our tivo recording of lost had no sound (and luckily, i was recording it on the vcr in case i wanted to watch it while i worked that night) but the alias it recorded right before was fine.... ahhhhh, technology.

and schilling was fantastic (foulke... not so much, but still...)

Brian said...

Yeah, Foulkie was Wagneresque the other night, but his run in the 2004 playoffs was more than I could ever have hoped for so its kind of hard to be mad at the guy. Plus, I think its hard for any "closer" to really concentrate with an eight run lead. He was just trying to throw strikes and found a little too much of the plate and way too much of the Yankees bats.

As for the DVR, hoorah, Alias recorded and the tech guy got the picture back without losing any of the stored shows, Phew.

Looking forward to the big Lost two hour finale tonight. I'll be watching it live just in case.

todd said...

oh, so we ARE gonna post the covers.
should we NOT post the cover to 2?
or maybe post that and not the cover to 4...?
i'm gonna post your darker colored version of this over on the perhapablog on tuesday--if that's okay wit'choo?
also, i'm glad you guys didn't drop any 'lost' spoilers on me--i woulda come after ya both!

Brian said...

No spoilers here, but I will tell you that according to USA Today McFarlane toys is planning a Lost line that will include Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Charlies and Shannon either in her bikini or with a bikini variant. Also, the figures will come with a sound chip with the actual characters voices.