Monday, February 10, 2014


another lengthy interval between posts, i know!

a few quick things - 

my BATMAN '66 story is up on comixology and will be in print in a few months...

KYRRA is going ahead full steam digitally over on comixology (rich and i are trying to figure out how to bring volume 1 to print this year and weighing our options)

PERHAPANAUTS - DANGER DOWN UNDER! trade is out now... while we don't have another big arc on our schedule yet, we do have a few things to keep us busy with the 'haps.

i've been keeping busy with covers here and there, most recently a few GOLD KEY covers for dynamite... starting with some variants for TUROK (#1 retailer exclusive for maximum comics in las vegas, out now... and #2 steampunk variant, coming soon!)

here they are, start to finish...


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