Wednesday, March 24, 2010

old school marvel

okay, so in between commissions, haps stuff, star wars cards and herOes, i've found the time to do a few pieces just for fun (based on the iconic covers from those old oversized marvel treasury books by john romita sr.)... up first, spider-man! (wish i had the time to color these up, but i do like to sleep a few hours a night...)

tv bits - 24 is picking up (and making a seemingly ludicrous plot line a bit more understandable), lost was enlightening and crazy good, justified and the pacific have become must watch shows... (and i still have all of caprica and flash forward so far on the tivo to watch when i get the chance)

about 2/3 through listening to from a buick 8 (and have no idea where it's gonna go) and finished under the dome a while ago (vintage king)


mattcrap said...

you draw shit that BEGS to be colored!!

Brian said...

Yes, Must Be Colored.

Sleep is overrated. ;-)

TV wise, still have to watch this week's episode of Lost. I am still enjoying the show as I like the characters, but the parallel story lines are giving me the feeling that, while they appear to be answering questions, that may turn out, in the end, to not really be the case. I think we are down to the last 6 of 5 episodes, so be interesting to see what they do.

dogboy443 said...

I liked Buick 8 quite a bit when it originally came out. I just finished reading Cell and it was vintage King. The movie version will be interesting. UNder the Dome sounds real interesting, just wondering if King why is King so locked into the End-of-the-World storylines???