Wednesday, March 24, 2010

old school marvel

okay, so in between commissions, haps stuff, star wars cards and herOes, i've found the time to do a few pieces just for fun (based on the iconic covers from those old oversized marvel treasury books by john romita sr.)... up first, spider-man! (wish i had the time to color these up, but i do like to sleep a few hours a night...)

tv bits - 24 is picking up (and making a seemingly ludicrous plot line a bit more understandable), lost was enlightening and crazy good, justified and the pacific have become must watch shows... (and i still have all of caprica and flash forward so far on the tivo to watch when i get the chance)

about 2/3 through listening to from a buick 8 (and have no idea where it's gonna go) and finished under the dome a while ago (vintage king)

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