Saturday, January 29, 2011

cap and ... galactus!

okay, so issue 3 of captain america: the korvac saga is out very soon and i'm crazy busy wrapping up issue 4 this week (whew)... up next, i'm finally getting to a few long outstanding commissions and trying to make headway on the 'haps (seem like a broken record on that front, but i'm really itching to get back to 'm)... besides that, who knows?

and for your viewing pleasure, here's the cover for issue 4... as well as an unused version i did as well...

(and shameless plug time... pages from issues 1 and 2 - as well as PLENTY of other pages from other books - are already up for sale at comic art house - and covers for 1, 3 and both versions above are still available...)


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