Monday, February 14, 2011

brave and the bold

so, another year, another commission for an old friend's now teenage daughter (who's a big comic fan)... last year was supergirl/wonder woman, this year's choice was batman /flash... hmmm, who knows what next year's will be?

besides this commsion, i managed to get through all 3 b/w kim possible pieces this weekend, too... AND enjoy several get togethers with friends (mid morning coffee with our very own perhapa-booth boy who was nearby for work, old high school friends, 40th birthday parties, housewarming dinner party with a proud new home-owning friend.. whew.)

so, also managed to start design work on some of the main players in the next 'haps arc and really getting into a groove after a LENGTHY hiatus from our gang (besides the occasional con print we've done... which reminds me, should have todd post the emerald city print soon!)

back to work!

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