Friday, May 13, 2011

batman beyond

just another canson piece i finished up after having the prelim lying around for YEARS... (this, and a few other sketches are for sale over here - every now and then, i'll be posting a few odds and ends for sale)

let's see... work's moving along nicely, besides the main (paying) gig i'm doing right now, i'm also 2 pages from finishing my story in issue 2 of the next perhapanauts arc, jumping on issue 3 AND the motion comic next week...

the tv season is wrapping up strong (great finales from "fringe", "community"and "justified") which is good, i've got plenty to catch up on...  not to mention all the audio books to listen to!


1 comment:

maishee said...

I love your sketches especially the voldemort sketch. Very solid artwork. Hope you can draw some sketches of bane too.