Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tiki accomplished

okay, back from ohio... and already gotta think about getting ready for my next trip.... not sure if i posted it here, but i'll be attending the wizard world texas show in dallas nov 7-9. wasn't on my radar, but since they were nice enough to invite me to come down to participate on a few panels (spider-man loves mary jane, creator owned books)  i figured why not (and heck, i can finally meet terry moore in person!)... so, i really should get some stuff done here in the meantime.

but i did have a fun trip to the brand new "screaming tiki" con in ohio last weekend (the image above is the the art for the exclusive print todd and i put together for the show... we've got a few left over, so keep an eye on todd's blog for details on how to get your own)...  i got to meet folks like mark sumerak, cat staggs, mark mchale, and fellow animated batman artist christopher jones... seeing how it was their first show (and a big one at that), i'd say the folks who put the show together did a bang-up job.... really, how many times  can you say that you hung out with peter "chewbacca" mayhew and spent the weekend sketching for fans in an inflatable dome!

issue 3 of mj is out, issue 4 is out next month and 5 is well underway (same goes for haps 5, which wraps up the first arc of the image run... wish sales were better, but that seems to be the state of the industry)

so, the sox lost to tampa bay... and i really can't say that bothers me much at all... here's hoping the rays can go all the way!

been riveted by both mad men and the shield these last few weeks... GREAT television there.


Brian said...

Not upset about the Red Sox, I don't even know who you are any more!

Seriously, with 2004 and 2007 in the pocket, hard to feel disappointed, though I imagine I would be feeling down if they had lost game 5 and ended up getting booted from the playoffs with three lack luster performances at home.

As for new TV this year, I watched "My Own Worst Enemy" once, and that was enough. It is not so much that I do not buy the premise, I really don't, as it is that the premise and the way they are executing it really are just not that interesting.

I like the two leads on "The Mentalist," Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, and the show started off like gang busters, but the hook, Baker's character is a former "fake" TV psychic who now uses his acute powers of observation to help the police because of a tragedy in his past, is only able to lift the show a little above your standard TV police procedural and that tragedy in his past is a little to "heavy" for my tastes on a show where the lead is so glib.

My hopes for new show this year are now all on "The Doll House." Come on Joss, don't let me down.

Shane said...

Grat seeing you at the Screaming Tiki! It was a unique show! Thanks for the great art, always a treat to get something new from you.

The Shield is getting crazier every episode! It's gonna be a wild ending!

jeremy-dale said...

Nice seeing ya at Screaming Tiki, Craig! Always a pleasure.

- jeremy