Monday, October 6, 2008

bart in the house

keeping with the them of this drawing, it's gonna be a quick post... here's another one that was done for a patient fan, dave!  (hitoshi, yours is on the board RIGHT NOW... honest! that just leaves one more tellos drawing from heroes and a few from baltimore)... i sure do miss bart.... hmmm, maybe we need an impulsive speedster over in the haps... (not like dc's doing anything with'm)


(so, sox go to game 4 of the play-offs on big jim's anniversary - and he's got tickets, so here's hoping it's a good game for you and missus q!)


Brian said...

Love's me some Bart.

And here is hoping that the Red Sox make quick work of the Angels tonight because, with an 8:35 start time, my sleep deprived eyes cannot take another 5 hour plus marathon.

KJC said...

Awesome game! Bummer the Q's were at the Wedding Present instead...but that seems fitting, given what they were celebrating.