Friday, July 13, 2007

love me some mouse guard!

so, i was lucky enough to get to know david petersen before he became a superstar with his gorgeous book, mouse guard (available in a beautiful hardcover collection at finer comic shops, books stores, and on-line retailers everywhere)... david and i agreed to swap pin-ups (his gorgeous pin-up below appeared in the second chances trade) and i was gung-ho to start and had the inks done in a few days... colors, however, took a bit longer.... but i finally go it finished. i took a few liberties, drawing what i thought some weasels might look like in david's complex world (i could be WAY off, but being the nice guy he is, david hasn't told me so...)

anyway, here's david's haps piece again...

so, back on commissions (with a few more harry potter pieces in the queue for friends in anticipation of the last book... and the new movie, which i hope to see soon) and other stuff...

...and i finally made plans to see transformers tonight.

have a good weekend!



Bill Nolan said...

Mouse Guard was pretty good. Great looking hardcover. I felt a little too much of the story occurred between issues, only outlined on the text pages, but it was still a satisfying read. Amazing artwork.

You're weasels are nice, too, Craig. That mouse is screwed.

Brian said...

I caught "The Order of the Phoenix" last night and really enjoyed it.

Saw an interesting quote from Emma Watson in the paper today. It appears ther Hermoine's alter ego thinks old Harry's going to die in the last book. She makes it clear that is just her feeling and that she has no inside information, but the gal is a little bit closer to the creative process than the rest of us.

I'm sure old J.K. doesn't need the scratch, but I imagine Warner Bros. will be less than happy if Harry gets off'd in the final book as I think it will really lessen the interest in the final two films.

Let us know what you think of Transformers

gdeo said...

Craig...these both look great...just like yourself,dave is such a cool guy