Tuesday, July 17, 2007

good ol' pointy shellhead...

so, i got out to see the transformers with my brother friday night... and i gotta tell ya, it was exactly what i expected... big, dumb, explosive... and fun. (but man, was i tired after watching that movie... like every other michael bay movie, the camera didn't stay still for more than five seconds...cut after cut after cut after cut, it became work to watch and actually figure out what was happening...)

got a slew of commissions going right now, keeping myself busy (along with the stuff todd and i are cooking up for the baltimore exclusive... and a gig for a former editor i'll tell ya about later)...

here's yet another canson paper piece... man, i dig the retro look of this armor so much more than today's suit ( and i can't wait to see eric canete's iron man book... wow!) civil war... bah.

heading up to fenway tomorrow (whoot!)... catch ya later,
(my head hurts after the last john from cincinnati... but in a good way... and i can't get enough of flight of the conchords!)
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