Tuesday, July 3, 2007

hogwarts or bust!

so, only a few weeks left until the final book in the harry potter series... i'm looking forward to it.
and see, that's a perfect segue into this latest commission...

can't say i'm great with likenesses, but i think this one came out pretty good... at least you can figure out it's not harry... right?
(this is another piece... 11x17 this time!... that looks MUCH better in person than in the scan)...

not too much else going on besides commissions at the moment (except todd and i are working on the baltimore 'haps exclusive... we'll fill ya in when sept gets closer)...

random bits...
- anybody know why the blog archives are just code gibberish? (all i do is post via blogger... beyond that, i'm lost)
- duncan fegredo's hellboy art is just blowing me away... wow!
- still hard to believe the sox are 10+ games ahead of the yankees this close to the all-star break...
- man, i'm loving john from cincinnati (especially seeing al bundy channel andy sipowicz and al swearengen)
- passed up a chance to see trasnsformers the other night, but hope to see it on the big screen (clips look fantastic, but i fear it's gonna be way too "michael bay" for my tastes...) and i'd love to catch ratatouille soon.
- politics as usual in washington and the headlines (amazing how much actually happens right before holiday weekends in the hopes that people don't pay attention... sad, but nothing new)

alright, back to work!
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