Thursday, May 4, 2006


just finished scanning the last page of the cobbler's monster...


and on to the next batch of 'haps covers next week.

saw that the cobbler's book was solicited in the new previews (order yours today! - end shameless plug)... as well as the 'haps...

turns out the 'haps will be pushed back to sept., which isn't a bad thing, since the second series is hopefully starting in october.

looking to see some of the sweet pin-ups we've gotten in for the trade? check out todd's blog


(right now he's spotlighting a great piece from the legendary artist and all around great guy, nick cardy)

just picked up a few books at the local comic shop (stillpoint cards and comics in somerset, ma - where i'll be hanging out from 12 -2.30pm this saturday for free comic book day - end plug)... seven issues of infinite crisis (and all those miniseries and oneshots) for... that? ugh.

at least b.p.r.d. and mouse guard were both hellacool.

and i gotta say, any sense of believability has flown out the window on 24, but damn if it isn't THE most addictive show on tv these days (with veronica mars and lost right behind)


what i'm listening to as i type this - in time: the best of r.e.m.


Brian said...

Congrats on finnishing the Cobbler's Monster. I've put in my order at my LCBS - New England Comics in Malden - already, and I'm really looking forward to it based on the preview pages and the art you've posted.

As for TV, I'm a little put off by the last scene of this weeks Lost. Not sure I like where they're going with this, but given their track record, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.


Brian said...

Congrats on finnishing the Cobbler's Monster. I've already put in my order
at my LCBS - its listed in the Image Sectin of this month's previews - and
I'm really looking forward to it based on the preview pages and the art
you'e posted here.

As for TV, not sure I like where they're going with the last scene of
this week's Lost, so I'm in wait and see mode for now.

As for Veronica Mars, one of the best written shows on TV. Unfortunately,
its averaging only 2.3 million viewers, so its spot in the new CW line up is
in doubt. I hope they bring it back for another year, but don't know how
well the show will work with Veronica going off to college.


Jason Copland said...

I'm putting in my comic order through DCBS in a few days and it will definitely contain Cobbler's Monster and the Perhapanauts' trade. These pin ups are looking awesome.

craig rousseau said...

thanks, guys...

as for lost, kinda saw the twist coming (although not all of the consequences)... but still riveting stuff...

and while veronica mars isn't defnitely on the schedule yet, i've read that chances are real good it'll be back... and i couldn't be happier, 'cause the relationship between veronica and her dad is one of the best on tv today...

Brian said...

Thanks for the good news on Veeronica Mars.

As for seeing it coming on Lost,
I know what you mean about seeing it coming as
Michael came out of the jungle without a certain
hard to find item that he went in with, so I knew
something was up, but I never expected that.


P.S, Sorry for the double post earlier.

Ray said...

PS> I went to still point later in the day...Bummed out when I saw the MANY signs: Limit 3 free comics per person! I thought it was 3 of "each",...LOL...