Wednesday, November 8, 2006

another one a long time coming...

so, after (mostly) finishing this red sonja piece and emailing it to the person who i told i'd do it for YEARS ago (as art adams' art rep, john was kind enough to give me one of art's kick ass books at san diego a few years back), he was pleasantly surprised.

it'd been so long, he'd completely forgotten about it. so all you folks waiting for commissions, have faith... (yes, joshua, that means you, too!)

would love to be getting to'm quicker, but things've gotten even kookier around here with the arrival of our baby daughter catherine last week (john's settling into the role of big brother pretty well so far...) ... still trying to keep the haps on something of a schedule is tough enough...


what i'm listening to as i type this .. oddly enough, not a crying baby (she's been pretty amazing so far) but rather... foo fighters - skin and bones


Bill Nolan said...

Congrats on the new baby! Welcome to the wonderful world of girl fatherhood... I don't think anything you've learned with the previous one will help... ;P

It's all princess parties and dance lessons from here on out.

- Bill

Brian said...

Congrats to the proud parents and big brother and welcome to princess/ballerina/doctor/president Catherine.

As for that beautiful Red Sonja, the one advantage to the delay is that in the meantime Red has become a hot - pun intended - character again.

As for the commission back log, looks like that Joanie Stubbs commission idea of mine will have to simmer on the back burner a while longer. Which is ok, as I'm in no rush for I have a Tim Levins Batman & Catwoman coming for Christmas thanks to my sister Diane, I've got a Zatanna with our cat Sabrina that Ryan Sook is working on and a little something that a certain artist who shall remain nameless started for me in Baltimore which I might actually see sometime before the next Baltimore show if that Joe Q. would stop working his fingers to the bone.

Brian said...

Back to Tee Vee.

Good News: NBC just picked up Studio 60 for a full season. The show doesn't have the best numbers in the world, but apparently its doing pretty well in the income of $75,000.00 and over category which, no surprise here, is a good selling point to advertisers.

Bill Nolan said...

Just to move this discussion to the top blog item, I really enjoyed BSG this week. Great debates, decent action, sexy Cylon stuff, intrigue, etc., this one had it all. You know it's going to be an interesting episode when Hot Dog has more lines than Starbuck! NOW I'm interested in where this season is going.

- Bill