Saturday, December 2, 2006

december already?

so, here's yet another commission that was a long time coming... i think it was first requested around thanksgiving... of 2002.

four years later, joshua is FINALLY getting his commission... better late than never, right? (and look at it this way... i draw much better now than i did four years ago)

it's 11.30 on saturday and i'm watching tenacious d on snl... hope todd and sharon are having fun at 30 rock watching it live...



Bill Nolan said...

An update! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, that's an interesting piece. A little bit of everything in there. Love the thick Batman, big and bold up front.

- Bill

Brian said...

Wow, great piece Craig.

I can see why this took so long. I imagine the question of just how to arrange such a diverse group of characters was always a great incentive to put the pen down and come back to it later.

As for Todd and Sharon, getting to see Tenacious D perform live, way cool. I'm officially jealous.

Anonymous said...

Nice group shot..sort of an X-AvengaLeague team. Nice work.
'Haps #2...nice work as well. Got a Big and a Choopie fan sketches to post this week. Thnaks for the inspiration, man.
Can you believe Heroes is going on hiatus till 2007... arrrrg! What the heck am I going to do on monday nights now??!
How many commissions behind are you Craig? haha.

dogboy443 said...

NIce piece Craig. Don't suppose you have a higher rez image of it so I can dust-off my Photoshop chops and try a little digital coloring? 300 dpi jpg? Send it to my e-mail account? What say you?


gdeo said...

this is an awesome piece craig