Thursday, February 14, 2008

work. work. work.

well, should have issue 10 of x-men: first class all inked up by next week (woohoo! i'm pretty excited about this book... hope you folks dig it), and work on the 'haps keeps chugging along as well (and i'm REALLY excited about this book, too... the annual hits stands in a few short weeks).

did manage to get a fun commission off the list ... a redo of the cover to fantastic four 1...

over at the 'haps message board, i started a post about favorite artists... instead of repeating myself here, head on over and chime in, if you're inclined...

back to inks (but man o man, lost was good tonight, eh?)


Anonymous said...

That's a cool redo of FF #1

I am soooo looking forward to that annual.

Just read the review (from Westfield comics) on Todd's blog.

The anticipation is killing me :)

Anonymous said...

Awe man! That's an awesome commission!!! Great job on keeping the classic Torch and "bumpy" Thing!

Squeeze said...

Can't wait for the 'haps Annual. Very exciting. Hell YES Lost was great as usual last night. Who are the Oceanic Six?? So far Jack, Hurley and now Sayid have been confirmed. Kate implied in the flash forward. So who are the other two? I don't think that Michael and Walt ever made it back. For some reason I just don't think it's Sawyer.

Did you catch that the ship that found the Oceanic 815 crash site on the ocean floor was actually looking for ..............the Black Rock? Could talk Lost for hours.

Random notes: Matt and I ate two of the biggest steaks for Valentine's night! You would've been proud.
Also, the MM Canson commission you did for Leaf has finally been matted and is ready for display. It took them two tries and several beers but they did a great job on it.

Brian said...

"Lost" was great and all three episodes have kicked arse so far this year - but that Red Sox reference was priceless.

Obviously that plane crash was more than just an accident if someone goes to the trouble of planting a fake wreck complete with corpses.

As for Walt and Michael, I'd say the last thing he'd tell people is that he was an Oceanic survivor since the discovery of the remaining survivors will lead to a long jail sentence for Michael for double homicide.

Hmmm, now that I think of it, could have been Michael in that coffin in Jack's flash forward from the last episode of last year.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Gorgeous recreation cover, Craig. And, yeah, it took Matt and I a couple tries (probably because I was helping), but Mary Marvel now hangs and is a source of wonder for our wee one. Thanks again.