Saturday, August 30, 2008

hellboy trophy wall

here's another commission that's been in the pipeline for a good long time... chris has an AMAZING collection of pieces with the "trophy wall theme" (some have got to bee seen to be believed... chris' comic art fans gallery) and asked for a hellboy wall... and while his first thought was rasputin and the cthulhu tentacle type stuff, i knew it had to have von klempt, head in a jar collecting other heads... wish i had the time to color this one, but gotta keep moving on haps 5 and mary jane 4 (both of which are coming along  nicely, thanks for asking)... 

also figured i'd set up an account on deviant art ('cause all the cool kids are doing it), should have some stuff posted over there later this week.

oh, and tv starts back into swing this week with the final season of the shield on tuesday (gotta finish watching the new dvd set to refresh my memory)... looking forward to a lot of returning shows in the coming months (... and trish, well, she's looking forward to the new 90210...)



Colin said...

Good call on von Klempt, Craig. Great job on the trophy wall.

Brian said...

Nice job on the theme Craig.

As for the coming TV season, other than Whedon's "Dollhouse" that doesn't show up until January, none of the new shows have me too excited.

Fringe is a maybe in my mind, but it has an X-Files vibe and I guess I'm burned out on X-Files as I didn't bother with the movie and I'm saving my J.J. Abrams "almost too many twists and turns to follow and enjoy" energy for "Lost" next year.

I'm also going to check out "My Own Worst Enemy" to see if Mr. Slater and mount a comeback and might give "Life on Mars" a shot, though time travel paradoxes tend to just make my head hurt.

Matt Wieringo said...

These last two commissions are great. Love the Strange/Hellboy. That's a book I would definitely buy if you drew it.

I'm looking forward to PRISON BREAK and FRINGE but I have to say I enjoy Summer TV more. CLOSER and EUREKA are so much fun. And it's a crime that USA cancelled 4400.

Heywood Jablomie said...

hey man nice stuff these past few posts!(i'm a little behind on your blog here) SM loves #2 was awesome too!

Eureka and Burn Notice are my shows for now. For the fall looking forward to the Terminator and Supernatural mostly.