Friday, April 10, 2009

step by step... part deux

i know some of you have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting this second post in the step by step process, so here we go!

after getting a tight sketch on plain ol' white copy paper i'm happy with, the next step is to transfer to the colored canson paper (i'm using the mi-teintes line, a heavier textured color paper that comes in a 19x25 sheet in a slew of colors) i should point out that choosing the right color goes a long way in making the picture work (trial and error has shown me that the mid-range/darker papers usually work best... and matching it to the larger color elements - costume, cape, etc - is a smart move... choosing the wrong paper becomes a struggle to get a solid color with the colored pencils - the green on the orange paper for aquaman was a good example of working against the paper).

since the paper is too heavy to see through on a light table... and i'm not about to redraw the whole darn thing, i use saral paper (think carbon paper - but i usually use the white) to transfer the image to the canson paper - simply laying the drawing on top of the canson with the saral in between (AND facing the right way - more than a few times i've traced the whole thing, only to find the saral was wrong side down... d'oh!) and tracing the sketch, leaving the white line art on the canson...)

once i've got the white tracing line down, it's time to ink (and by the time i'm done, i've smudged away most of the white lines... )

okay, so that should tide folks over 'til we get to the coloring in progress next week...

and hey, didja know, next week sees the release of the long awaited first haps trade from image?


(season finale of friday night lights already?! damn)


Brian said...

Interesting to hear that about the Aguaman as I think it is one of the first canson pieces I ever saw and the vibrancy of the colors blew me away. May have been a lot of work, but it paid off, big time.

Matt Wieringo said...

I was thinking the same thing, Brian.


Jeremy said...

Totally agree with both of you on the Aquaman. That piece is note perfect. And Craig, I am actually finding your canson step-by-step fascinating. Thanks! Can't wait to get one from you hopefully in Chicago this year.


Michael Dooney said...

Do you use a Micron type marker to ink these? I like the nice sharp lines

Heywood Jablomie said...

i love the color choice for this piece! nice stuff indeed!

can't wait to see the finished product.