Monday, May 11, 2009

... and it's done.

okay, after a few days away (ending with a great visit with "uncle todd and aunt sharon"), i figured it's time to finish up the step by step on the peter parker commission...

besides going in and making any last little tweaks to the general colors, i usually go around the contour with a bright color (in this case the white) to really make things pop... and at the last minute i realized peter's shirt needed a little something, so i threw in the stripes... and i also figured the "spidey sense" lines made sense as well...

and that's a wrap!

issue 6 of the haps is off to image and we're working on the next issue in the next few weeks... and i'm hip deep in my next marvel gig ...

most tv seasons are wrapping up (the office, 30 rock, lost, 24 ... ) or have already aired season/series finales (chuck, scrubs) so i'll get back to the dvds piling up here (granted, there's still some great shows on like rescue me... and a few on tivo i never got to - fringe, dollhouse)

saw x-men origins:wolverine last week ... eh.


Brian said...

Final product is great, Craig, and I love the way the stripes on the shirt echo the web lines on his costume.

Don't know how far behind you are on Dollhouse, but stick with it as the show really picks up momentum and the last couple of episodes were outstanding.

Matt Wieringo said...

That looks great! I can't wait to give this a try, now that I've learned from the master.

Brian's right. DOLLHOUSE got reeeeeally good. I haven't gotten around to the final episode of the season yet, but the one before that blew me away big time. We've got about 5 FRINGEs saved up and I can't wait.

With HOUSE, DOLLHOUSE, LIFE, TERMINATOR and PRISONBREAK either over for the year or cancelled, my DVR can breathe a sigh of relief. And next year is looking fairly TV-free for me, thank goodness.

DonKelly said...

That looks dandy! Very cool.
Oooo new 'Haps is coming!! Sweet!

Man you are one huge TV addict ain't ya? HAHA I josh, I love to josh.

From the lackluster reviews I've seen I think Wolverine will wait for DVD rental.
Although I am going to get to Trek so I can see it on the big screen.

Matt Wieringo said...

Looks like DOLLHOUSE and FRINGE got picked up for second seasons. Unfortunately, my DVR got full with a bunch of two-hour season enders and I lost three or four FRINGE episodes! Aargh!

Let's hope TERMINATOR:TSCC gets renewed.