Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'twas the day before the night before x-mas

just a quick one, got plenty to do before the holiday gets in full swing... even though this is one of the 2 commissions i did for x-mas gifts for folks, i figured i could safely post this iron man one, since i doubt the 4 year old recipient frequents this blog...

i'll post the other one after the holidays, don't wanna spoil the surprise for a friend...

besides wrapping up that us army comic featuring captain america (written by paul tobin), i've been working on a couple of other fun adventures books (which, since i just saw both solicited, i guess i can mention now)... out on free comic book day (may 1, 2010) iron man : supernova FCBD 2010 edition (written by paul tobin... yay!) featuring iron man and nova fighting red ghost and his super apes! and in the latest solicits, it's the final issue of marvel adventures superheroes 21 (again with that tobin guy...!)... and there's other stuff in the works, but that's a while away.

work on the haps has been slow going, but we really hope to get things rolling again in 2010.

happy holidays.


Brian said...

Sweet Iron Man, Craig, and sure to be the hit of Christmas morning for the lucky recipient.

I saw the solicits today, and really looking forward to checking out your version of the Black Widow.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve.

Heywood Jablomie said...

sweet iron man c!

hope you're having a merry christmas!