Tuesday, February 2, 2010

star wars galaxy 5 sketch cards

so, besides wrapping up the marvel iron man/nova free comic book day book and jumping into her-oes #1, i managed to get through (what's most likely my last ever) 100 topps star wars sketch cards...

for those not in the know, these days, topps packs the trading cards with randomly inserted actor autographed cards or artist sketch cards, usually 1 cards per case or so... since the set was wide open to any movie/story character, i tried not to duplicate and run the gamut of all 6 movies... probably could've done another 50 or so before getting to the even more ridiculously obscure characters, but had fun trying to do'm all in "my" style (plenty of folks do beautiful photo likeness stuff, but that's not my bag)... i imagine it would be a lot of fun to do a star wars book someday (i know the boy would like it... and keep me on my toes if i went astray)...

back to work.
-c (woohoo, lost tonight... 'nuff said)
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