Friday, May 21, 2010

kitty pryde

so, here's a commission i got to the other day... one of my favorite x-men characters back in the day (been so long since i've read the x books regularly, i really don't know what's going on these days... but i loved those claremont/byrne/cockrum/smith days)...

got a few more commissions finished and couple more in the works and the last pages of her-oes on the plate.

getting ready for the granite con this sunday in manchester, NH ... and then the big finale of lost that night! (trish is about 6 episodes from getting caught up... been interesting watching the last 2 seasons in a few weeks, catching small things the second time around) and the the finale of 24 ... i'll miss both shows, but have realized this season i've found myself looking forward to justified, friday night lights and community even more (the last few episodes of community have been the highlight of the thursday night comedy block on nbc for me... the paintball one was brilliant)

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