Friday, October 22, 2010

diggin' deep... pop up villains!

okay, more from the file drawer... this time it's art for a marvel's bad guys pop up book (that, to the best of my knowledge, never came out)... back before i was getting regular comics work, some folks at marvel's creative services dept took pity on me and got me some of my first professional work (pogs, coloring books, christmas ties, you name it)...

pretty straightforward with each picture to be broken down into three levels of "pop"... and the only time i've ever gotten to draw most of these guys (although i just found out one of the bad guys on one of the pages shows up in captain america and the korvac saga)

some of it holds up (dormammu), most of its wonky, but i had fun doing it... (much like most of my stuff)

looking at a lot of this older stuff, i wonder how i'd tackle it, 15 years later...


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todd said...

beautiful stuff, c!
some amazing detail in each of them and i woulda loved to've seen that book done--what a waste of some awesome artwork!

i love them all!

Brian said...

I'm with Todd, would have been very cool to see these images in all their pop up glory.