Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cap and the korca saga covers

so, not sure if i've posted any of these, but here's the first 3 covers (colored by chris sotomayor) for the 4 issue mini series starting in december, written by ben mccool and colored by rachelle rosenberg (issue 3 was just solicited for the february releases... guess i better get cracking!)... having a blast on this book, not only with the interiors but covers as well (a first for me at marvel... except for that cover to her-oes 1)

being an all ages, continuity free series, i've been given free reign on how these characters look... since i'm an old school fan, i kept the looks mostly classic avengers... but we did decide to push korvac past the lakers purple/yellow look on the cover to 3...

-c (gotta get to work if i'm gonna wactch "sons of anarchy" in a bit)


Brian said...

Saw the cover to Issue 3 in the previews and thought it looked great.

Return of "Human Target" tonight.

Heywood Jablomie said...

wow these look great!

can't wait for this to come out.