Wednesday, April 13, 2011

convention noodling...

just found this in my portfolio from the emerald city comic con... after finishing up my sketch list, starting doodling and ended up with this... (figured it's appropriate for today's post, after getting the absolutely BEAUTIFUL - and massive -  walt simonson THOR omnibus yesterday)

not much to report, work-wise - busy working on the current project (not sure when it's scheduled to be out - or when i can discuss it) as well as the 'haps (diving into the second issue of the next arc - as well as getting the boston comic con print ready)

speaking of boston comic con (yay!), todd and i will be there, selling all sorts of 'haps swag, so come on by! i'll also try to get a few sketches done before the show so if you're interesting in arranging a commission for boston, drop me a line...

(gotta go, JUSTIFIED is on in a few)


todd said...

sweet thor~!

you were really channeling walt that weekend--!
looks awesome!

Matt Wieringo said...

Damn. That's a DOODLE!? Thor is really hard to draw and you totally nailed it. Still wishing I could make it to Boston. Dang it.

JUSTIFIED has been great again this year. There was one slightly "off" episode (the one with Rayland's ex and the evidence locker) but one bad episode in two seasons is a pretty good record. Man, I love that show. Suze and I are also really digging THE KILLING on AMC as well. Still enjoying HOUSE and have started getting into CHICAGO CODE. Lots of good stuff on TV these days.