Saturday, July 9, 2011

pan mass challenge 2011

this august 6th, i'll be riding my bike with trish* (along with thousands of others) in the pan mass challenge, 84 miles from wellesley, ma to bourne, ma... this 2 day bike-a-thon event raises more money for charity than any other in the country, 100% of which goes to the jimmy fund and dana farber cancer institute.

simply put, cancer sucks.... and i'm hoping you can help me raise money to fight it.

since i don't work in an office or have a "real" job with fellow employees, i'm asking YOU to help me raise that money and make a donation...

but one of the perks of MY job is the stuff i make... and i figure, if you can help me out, i'd like to return the favor...
-every donation made gets you a free, signed comic.
-any donation over $25 gets you an EXCLUSIVE free choopie print (still in the works, but that's the pre-lim above)
-any donation of $50, i throw in a free headsketch (your choice)
-any donation of $100 or more, a free full figure b/w sketch (your choice)...
-and $150 or more gets you the free sketch AND a page from a recent marvel project (my pick)

anything higher than that, we'll talk ... and here's the link to my rider profile page:

here's hoping you can help me out and raise some money for a great cause.



Brian said...

Love the print idea. Can't wait to see it colored.

mscatoe said...

Thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness and raise funding for cancer research. My wife discovered she had stage 4 breast cancer six months after we got married in 2007 and fought the disease for three years before she lost her fight late last year (2010). My life has forever been altered by cancer, and I learned that the patients aren't its only victims. Thank you for doing something. Thank you for caring.

Par2ch said...

How did it go?