Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the cover to "marvel superheroes magazine" 27...step by step

quick random things - 

1. the 'haps"danger down under" is over... and we're trying to figure out how to go forward... (i'll have a post about that soon).. anybody read it? thoughts? 

2. kyrra chapter 5 is well underway... and after a bit of down time, the ARTIST ALLEY COMICS website is back up.

3. had a GREAT trip to albuquerque with todd last month... managed to see roswell and meet new 'haps fans!

4. gotta get better about this blog.

5. doing samples for a gig that could be a LOT of fun, we'll see what happens...

6. updated both my art for sale store... and the perhapanauts web store

so, as my run on covers to "marvel super heroes magazine" winds down, i've only got a few left to post... here's the cover to 27, in various stages of sketches, pencils and inks (final colors - by benny fuentes!)

happy 4th.

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Brian said...

I prefer the spacing of the figures in the black and white drawing. I guess the editor wanted Iron Man to be bigger on the cover.