Monday, February 26, 2018

NotAtAnyCon - ECCC2018

time to kick the dust off this blog and make a post... about the next NotAtAnyCon sketch weekend - ECCC2018 edition.

instead of flying all the way out to seattle and setting up to sell books, art, and sketch (sorry, west coast folks... maybe someday in the future i'll make it back out that way), i'll be staying in new england and doing sketches from home over the weekend and (with any luck) mail them out the following week... (not surprisingly, any full commission requests might take more time)

pretty straightforward - email to get on the list... (i'll cut the list when i think i won't get to any more sketches )

my current rates for 2018 are…

$40 b/w headsketch ($50 grayscale)
$100 full figure b/w 9x12
$125 full figure color canson paper or grayscale marker 9x12*
$150 full figure watercolor or color marker 9x12”
$250 11x17 b/w single figure full pinup or full figure color canson paper*
$400 11x17” full commission/cover recreation (digital colors extra)

shipping is a flat $10

head sketches and full figure available on limited sketch covers as well ($10 extra)

*traveling with pencils/markers/paper gets cumbersome, so i try and work on these at home and can't guarantee them at cons....

(just a few examples from years past)...


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