Tuesday, August 21, 2018

online and pre-show commissions

okay, after an amazing two weeks in the UK, it's back to the grind... and that includes CONVENTIONS (DRAGONCON in a few weeks and then BALTIMORE COMIC CON and RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON in november)

i've had a few emails about lining up pre-show commissions, so i figured a quick post would be easier... and if you're NOT going to any show and want some art, it's the same deal (just add $10 shipping)...

my current rates for 2018 are…

$40 b/w per head sketch ($50 grayscale) - (sketch on blank covers available for $10 - email me for a list)

$100 full figure b/w 9x12

$125 full figure color canson paper or grayscale marker 9x12*

$150 full figure watercolor or color marker* 9x12”

$250 11x17 b/w single figure full pinup or full figure color canson paper* (digital color extra)

$400 11x17” full commission (digital colors extra)

*traveling with pencils/markers/paper gets cumbersome, so i try and work on these at home and can't guarantee them at cons....

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