Monday, April 24, 2006

it's been one week...

...since my last post.

... clearly have barenaked ladies on the brain (and by that, i mean the BAND)... been HARD at work on the cobbler's monster, only 14 pages to go! WOOHOOO!

and since they've got the first 3 pages posted over at the image comics blog, i figure i can post one of those pages here...

mmmm, tastes like a hot dog.

been listening to stephen king's cell on audiobook (thanks a bunch, todd!) while putting in late nights... can't wait to hear how it ends (gonna haveta do more audiobooks while working... got the latest neil gaiman here waiting to go after the cell)...

todd and i have been talking a lot lately about the next 'haps series (and plan to start the next covers as soon as i get done with this project) ... the more we talk, the more excited we get... gonna make the first series seem boring in comparison, i tells ya!

and head over to todd's blog as he's gonna start posting some more of the pin-ups we were lucky enough to get for the 'haps trade FIRST BLOOD (shameless plug... order yours from your local comic shop in this week's previews catalog)

i'm sure i'll have more to post next week when i finally get through this deadline...

-c (can't wait to see what outrageousnes happens tonight on 24... and how they leave us hangin' 'til next week)

music i'm listening to as i type this .... arctic monkeys - whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not


Bill Nolan said...


It's great to see you finally doing some all-ages work again! ;P

Seriously, tho', beautiful looking stuff. Consider it pre-ordered (along with the 'haps tpb).

- Bill

Brian said...

Great stuff Craig. Glat to hear you can see the
light at the end of the tunnel and I'm definitely going to have to tell
my LCBS to order the Cobler's Monster for me. (N.B. I still prefer
my original misreading of "Clobber Monster")