Monday, April 17, 2006


... practically non-stop to get through the cobbler's monster deadline to get the book out in time for san diego! (29 pages to go before the end of the month equals 2 pages a day and no sleep)...

in the meantime, up top there should be another tellos commission i had done a while back for somebody from the baltimore convention (easily one of my favorite cons... which i won't be at this year, since i'll be at a good friend's wedding... but i WILL be heading down to heroescon in charlotte and out to san diego )... but blogger's acting all woogie. i'll try to post it later...

been fliiping through a lot of french albums for inspiration and motivation lately, stuff like "belladone" and "ring circus" ... beautiful stuff! (and of course, anything by claire wendling is da bee's knees!)

back to work for me! (gotta get a few panels done before i get sucked into 24!)


music i'm listening to as i type this... you can play these songs with chords - death cab for cutie

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Brian said...

Image just released the solicitation for the Cobbler's Monster with a
July 12th date so good luck and god's speed my friend, can't wait
to see this one.

Here's the solicitation blurb

"Grieving over the death of his only son, Gepetto mixes the new science of DNA with the age-old magic of the golem to resurrect his son. But in truth, he was never very close to Victor. And the anger that burns within the heart of the monster he birthed and created, destroys everything and everyone around him. Now, Gepetto must hunt his own son. The story of a man and a monster who through unspeakable horror find their way to becoming father and son for the very first time."