Thursday, June 22, 2006

two weeks, huh?

so much for keeping up on a weekly basis... but lucky for you, dear readers (all 3 of you) i've just been so busy working on the 'haps to post...

okay, i've also been doing other stuff, like the piece above for the heroes con program book (superman themed... and seriously, what's cooler than beppo the super-monkey?), designs for a neat little choopie sculpture, trying not to get too wrapped up in the sox this early in the season (as he says every year)...

i have managed to watch 2 dvds that've been sitting here forever .. blade 3 (not horrible...kinda dug it, actually) and fantastic four (um, well... the effects weren't ... that bad... but ... yikes.)

well, back to work.

what i'm listening to as i type this ... fast man raider man - frank black (got our tickets to see him down at the beachcomber on cape cod later this summer... wooohooo!)
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