Wednesday, July 5, 2006

back from charlotte!

... had a great time at one of my favorite shows. plenty of time to hang out with 'ringo and todd and scott (heck, we probably coulda just skipped the show and hung out all weekend and had just as much fun...) and catch up with folks i see once or twice a year (always a good time at the bar, and was great to just hang out with ralph and shoot the breeze), not to mention getting a chance to see "superman returns" ... wow.

jeff amano had some advance copies of the cobbler's monster, so i got a chance to see the final product (damn, wayne and guilia made my stuff look good!)...

was glad to keep real busy sketching ALL weekend (right up until 5.30 on sunday.... phew) doing both black/white and canson color pieces (wish i had scans of 'm to post, some came out pretty good...) for plenty of great folks and friends...

did manage to get up and check out some of the art around the show... always inspiring/intimidating seeing all that great work... but it was great motivation to get back to the 'haps... which is where i'm heading right now! (not to mention todd and i talked a few folks into doing pin-ups for the next trade... and beyond!)

hope everybody had a good fourth (and wasn't TOO crazy, ray)

- c
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