Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a loooong time coming...

just a quick one, foks, 'cause i'm SWAMPED with work.

so, as an artist working in comics for a number of years, you have the pleasure of meeting a lot of great folks who like your work... and in some cases, you get to know these folks pretty well and become friends.

and i'm sure you know, doing things for friends sometimes takes a back seat to other things, knowing they'll understand...

in the years (yes, plural) i've had a particular friend's book, more than a few "i should get to it soon... honest!" have come and gone... as luck would have it, i was holding the book (with some beautiful stuff already from adam hughes, jim mooney, mike oeming and others) when a fire happened at his house... so i guess it's a good thing i procrastinated, right?

anyway, this one's for ray. (and you other friends, i haven't forgotten... honest. who knows, you might even make into the 'haps someday)


on the tv front, battlestar galactica and veronica mars are back... frak, that's good tv! not to mention lost. hoping studio 60 gets better ratings and enjoyed 30 rock...


Brian said...

For me, anyway, the searching, arranging and anticipating part of original art collecting is just as important as the receiving and enjoying so I'm not one to complain so long as the artist keeps in touch and doesn't mind the occasional gently reminder or nudge.

On the TV front, I was very impressed by the fact that the show didn't miss a beat moving Veronica from High School to College, though I was dissapointed that Charisma isn't going to be on the show any more. Frak.

Wish I could say that I enjoyed 30 Rock as I like all the folks involved in it, but thought it was kind of eh. There were a few laughs, but I'd already seen almost all of those in the previews, so maybe that was the problem. I'll give it a few episodes, however, to grow on me.

Officer Mulcahy

Bill Nolan said...

Man, I had a post of at least a few hundred words all written out, where I stated my opinions on Galactica, 30 Rock, Lost, etc., and g-d Blogger ate it!

I'll summarize:

I'm probably more conservative than most of you guys, but no fan of Bush or the war. I still thought the BG premiere was heavy-handed and overdone (the nightvision raid on the insurgents, the suicide bombing of the new Iraqi police force, the Cylons desiring to covert the humans to their faith). But maybe I was more critical because I already hated the new status quo (too many of he previous interpersonal relationships disrupted by the writers hitting the cosmic reset button with the lazy one-year-later jump). (This is like four paragraphs distilled down to three sentences, so forgive me!)

30 Rock: just barely better than dreadful. I only laughed out loud once, at the "peed in my eye" line, and only because it was so stupid. Tina Fey is too much like Jerry Seinfeld, in that she writes good material, but is a horrible actor and can barely deliver lines. Hopefully the rest of the cast will pick up the slack, like they did on Seinfeld. Alec Baldwin was great, tho'.

Good: Lost, Amazing Race, Doctor Who

Laughing "at" instead of "with," but still watching: Heroes and previous favorites Survivor (seems like a repeat of the last two seasons) and NCIS (at least the icky 'stache seems to be gone next episode).

Really Bad: Twenty Good Years... it was on after 30 Rock, so I kept watching. Painful.

That's a quick rehash of what I originally wrote. Well, that and I begged Craig not to take "years" with my sketchbook! ;P

Bill Nolan said...
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Brian said...

Yeah, I thought that Twenty Good Years was twenty-two fairly mundane minutes of TV.

Brian said...

Back on the TV front, sort of.

Ringo has two kick arse character sketches from Lost over at his blog, So far he's done Jack and Kate with hints of a few more to come, so if you're a Lost fan, head on over to

craig rousseau said...

well, i'm thinking/hoping 30 rock will find it's legs as it gets going (after needing to rework the pilot it's not a surprise it was "off"... and most good shows have grown better from the initial pilot.. right?)... but damn, if alec balwin isn't doing a bang up job (as he did in "the departed" as well...)

lost is somewhat infuriating in the fact that most of the first 2 seasons have shown us it couldn't possibly be coincidence all these folks are connected ... yet now with desmond and the others, it feels like that's exactly why the plane crashed... or is there something more to it... hmmm. guess i'll hang around to find out (but while it's nice they've answered some questions on the showm, they're not the big ones... and keep bringing up more)... and ain't those ringo sketches on his blog purty?!

as far as battlestar, while i can see it's relevance as to the current world politics (it always has been, in the new incarnation), i certanily don't feel it heavy-handed or taking away from the storyline... and the one year jump (which we've seen before) has opened up whole new storylines and possiblities... best show on tv, if ya ask me.

Brian said...

Here are my thoughts in regard to the plane crash on Lost and what the opening minutes of the first episode of season 3 mean.

At one point I had thought the others were responsible, but given how Ben, who seems to me to like to be in full control of things, had to respond to the crash of the fly - pardon the pun - I now don't think they had anything to do with it. Also, the fact that Ben wanted his guys to get him a list, indicates that they didn't know who was on the plane, so there's a little more evidence against the others having targeted this particular flight and these particular people.

In regard to the idea that the plane crash was related to Desmond's failure to enter the numbers on time in the computer and the subsequent "magnetic event," I now doubt that as well since we saw no sign of any type of magnetic disturbance at the others village right before the plane crash. There was plenty of metal in that village, so if the magnetic force was strong enough to pull a plane out of the sky, it should have been strong enough to effect metal on the other side of the island.

So, where does that leave me on the subject . . .


Brian said...

Only two more days till Second Chances No. 1 hits the stands.

Reff said...

Howdy Craig!
Keeping up on the TV thread:
Good: Survivorman (Science Channel, not SciFi) is awesome, BSG3 Rulz! (so happy they are off New Caprica. From the previews it looks like they'll be offing some cylon sympathizers next week.)

Bad: Bruins *sigh*

I missed the first few episodes of The Office so I'm a bit confused with what the crap is going on.

Lastly, the new Strong Bad email, Coloring, is hella awesome!

Brian said...

The 10/23 episode of Heroes was great. The story is really starting to pick up steam.