Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a loooong time coming...

just a quick one, foks, 'cause i'm SWAMPED with work.

so, as an artist working in comics for a number of years, you have the pleasure of meeting a lot of great folks who like your work... and in some cases, you get to know these folks pretty well and become friends.

and i'm sure you know, doing things for friends sometimes takes a back seat to other things, knowing they'll understand...

in the years (yes, plural) i've had a particular friend's book, more than a few "i should get to it soon... honest!" have come and gone... as luck would have it, i was holding the book (with some beautiful stuff already from adam hughes, jim mooney, mike oeming and others) when a fire happened at his house... so i guess it's a good thing i procrastinated, right?

anyway, this one's for ray. (and you other friends, i haven't forgotten... honest. who knows, you might even make into the 'haps someday)


on the tv front, battlestar galactica and veronica mars are back... frak, that's good tv! not to mention lost. hoping studio 60 gets better ratings and enjoyed 30 rock...
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