Monday, February 19, 2007


so, this was a commission i took on at the baltimore show but didn't quite get to finishing... and then it slipped between the cracks. first time i've ever drawn'm.

wow, only 4 days til the nyc show... should be a good time.


while i've been enjoying battlestar quite a bit this season, the last few episodes seem to be lacking... well, cylons. i realize that's deliberate, but without the big conflict, it seems directionless.
other shows have been great lately, like heroes, rome, 24 (although the twists this season seem obvious), studio 60... and the whole thursday comedy line-up on nbc.


Bill Nolan said...

Damn Cajun stole Mento's purple!

See ya in NYC!

Brian said...

I've been enjoying Studio 60, hope it comes back next year, and 30 Rock is really coming into its own.

See you in NYC.


P.S. Cool Cajun by the way.

dogboy443 said...

Just wait until Baltar's trial...then things will start popping.

By Your Command!