Wednesday, June 20, 2007

back from heroes...

finally settling in after a longish weekend in charlotte for the 25th anniversary heroes convention (here's to 25 more, shelton!)...if you read 'ringo's blog ( ), you've probably already read his latest entry about the con, which pretty much sums it up. highlights were just hangin' with todd and mike... and the legendary nick cardy (who i'm proud to call a friend... not spending time with our fathers, we were able to share father's day with nick and had a great time hearing his stories). we sold quite a few copies of both trades and the con exclusive print and talked with lots of great folks who dig the 'haps as much as we do... and i did a buncha commissions (one of which i'll post below, courtesy of christian... thanks for the scan!)...

in all the hubbub, i did manage to lose an address for a jarek/koj commission i'm working on... so if ya read this billy (or one of your friends) drop me a line with yer address so i can get it out in the mail!

and before i went to charlotte, i also did this piece for my friend jill to give to keiran on father's day... (gotta love us nerd types)... and on that note, didja see the robot chicken star wars show? todd, mike and i were laughing our butts off in the hotel at a few bits.. (admiral ackbar cereal..."it's a trap!")

well, back to work.


Brian said...

Glad to hear you had a great time as I did too. I picked up some nice sketches along with a few promises for pieces down the road and met a lot of folks whom I previsouls knew only from on line.

I didn't get anything from Craig this time out, but I already have more than my fair share of Rousseau's and I do try to let my fellow art fans have a fair shot at his list when he comes to their town.

I didn't have anything large enough to get them home safely - I packed small and light so I didn't have to check my luggage - so I sadly had to pass on both Craig's sweet Spider-man print, which looks even better with the addition of the webbing and the 'Haps print, though I would have missed out on my coveted number two anyway as someone scooped up numbers 1 through 6 before I could even get to the table.

Glad to hear that the 'Haps were selling well and I too met a lot of 'Haps fans as I was roaming around and standing in line at the show. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys will get a chance to put out at least a third mini-series or original graphic novel.

I wish I had known about that Robot Chicken Star Wars show as the part of Charlotte where the Westin is was pretty quiet at night and not a lot going on, though when Drunken Randy is on the scene, things are never too quiet.

Bill Nolan said...


If you have copies of that Spidey print at the next local show we both attend, I will definitely pick one up. I just didn't have the space in my stuff to get it home this past weekend.

Plus, I completely ran out of money... :)

But it's a stunning piece and I definitely would love to own one.

And that Mary Marvel is aces.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Thanks again for the Mary Marvel, Craig. Everyone who gets a gander raves about it. Can't wait to frame and hang it over the crib. Now I just have to figure out who I'll ask for next year...

dogboy443 said...

I'm thinking about a new commission...maybe Zeiram, The Creeper or to really test Craig, a nice Canson piece featuring either Man-Thing or Swamp Thing...and crocs and vines and raccoons too.


Brian said...

Crocs and vines and raccoons . . . oh my!