Wednesday, June 20, 2007

back from heroes...

finally settling in after a longish weekend in charlotte for the 25th anniversary heroes convention (here's to 25 more, shelton!)...if you read 'ringo's blog ( ), you've probably already read his latest entry about the con, which pretty much sums it up. highlights were just hangin' with todd and mike... and the legendary nick cardy (who i'm proud to call a friend... not spending time with our fathers, we were able to share father's day with nick and had a great time hearing his stories). we sold quite a few copies of both trades and the con exclusive print and talked with lots of great folks who dig the 'haps as much as we do... and i did a buncha commissions (one of which i'll post below, courtesy of christian... thanks for the scan!)...

in all the hubbub, i did manage to lose an address for a jarek/koj commission i'm working on... so if ya read this billy (or one of your friends) drop me a line with yer address so i can get it out in the mail!

and before i went to charlotte, i also did this piece for my friend jill to give to keiran on father's day... (gotta love us nerd types)... and on that note, didja see the robot chicken star wars show? todd, mike and i were laughing our butts off in the hotel at a few bits.. (admiral ackbar cereal..."it's a trap!")

well, back to work.
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