Wednesday, September 19, 2007


okay, just a real quick one (gotta get back to the commissions on my drawing board)...

first, thanks everybody for all the compliments on the snape and dumbledore... funny that as i listen to the books and hear the descriptions of the characters as they're introduced, i've tried hard NOT to see the movie actors, but just what i think they should look like...

which leads me to my take hermoine... "... lots of bushy brown hair, and rather large front teeth,"

certainly is fun, doing thse... we'll see how much more i end up doing

here's hoping the sox won't need to go to the playoffs in the wild card slot (but it's looking more and more likely... ugh)


Brian said...

Very nice, though I think I prefer your movie based H. a little more.

As for the Sox, I really don't want to play the Angels in the first round and right now Cleveland has the better record of the two, so if that remains the case, I'd rather be the wild card and go to Cleveland, where we did well this year, rather than have to travel to the west coast, where we have had more than our share of trouble.

That said, I'd really like them to put together a nice rune and go into the playoffs with a little momentum, not to mention a healthy Manny.

dogboy443 said...

Beautiful colors and lighting. Very nice!

Soz dropped another...bases loaded looking for the double play and WHAM grand slam!!! 1.5 games ahead of the Yankees. What the heck!


Scott Weinstein said...


These are awesome. You really captured Hermione. Nice work.

Rich said...

Hi Craig, there's a new blog page set up for comicbook artists, pros and non pros to have some fun and unwind check it out at

Matt Wieringo said...

Please tell me there's a Fleur or at least a Cho Chang forthcoming.

Or if we're talking about pretty folk,...Hagrid?

Unknown said...


These are awesome! Lovin' the treatment you're giving the Potter crew. Esp. Snape!

And yeah, the Sox better snap to it or they're gonna have a serious case of backin' in to the playoffs...