Monday, September 24, 2007

... back to our regularly scheduled commissions...

okay, here's two commissions i finished up last week (got a few more to post later this week... and probably a harry potter piece, too...)

- the fall tv season starts up this week, looking forward to some returning shows and a few new ones... and figure i'll watch the last few sox games, too (sad that for a team that's already clinched a play-off spot, it seems like they're limping towards the post season... and looks like they'll even blow a 12 game lead and lose the al east title to the virtually unstoppable yankees... bah, can't even get excited about the playoffs)

- loving both the new dropkick murphys and the black francis cds (and eagerly awaiting the new foo fighters, too)

- watched the whole first season of friday night lights on dvd recently... wow, what a great show (although we're getting spoiled with entire seasons you can watch in a span of days, not months)

well, back to work!
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