Monday, September 24, 2007

... back to our regularly scheduled commissions...

okay, here's two commissions i finished up last week (got a few more to post later this week... and probably a harry potter piece, too...)

- the fall tv season starts up this week, looking forward to some returning shows and a few new ones... and figure i'll watch the last few sox games, too (sad that for a team that's already clinched a play-off spot, it seems like they're limping towards the post season... and looks like they'll even blow a 12 game lead and lose the al east title to the virtually unstoppable yankees... bah, can't even get excited about the playoffs)

- loving both the new dropkick murphys and the black francis cds (and eagerly awaiting the new foo fighters, too)

- watched the whole first season of friday night lights on dvd recently... wow, what a great show (although we're getting spoiled with entire seasons you can watch in a span of days, not months)

well, back to work!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Love the double-up pieces, Craig. Especially the Supergirl and Powergirl one. One of these days I'm gonna have to give the Canson paper a try.

Thanks for the reminder on the new DKM, too. I keeps forgetting it's on the shelves. I needs me some sweet bagpipe punk.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Nice stuff there C! I liked the Crystal/Medusa one myself. Stupid question but where can one get the canson paper? Any art store? It's been a long time since I've been to one to be honest so color me LAME! haha


Heywood Jablomie said...

Er, never mind I just did a search for it and found it!

dogboy443 said...

So Dr. Who was fun, the Sox won 2 out of 3, Chuck was amusing and Heroes had a great start. JOurneyman premieres tonight and The Bionic WOman is on Wednesday. So far a good week.
The Sox take on Oakland for 2 and Minnesota for 4(!) and hopefully the Yankees will get clobbered on the road by both Tampa Bay and Baltimore. Go Kevin Millar!

Bill Nolan said...

Great work. Crystal really stands out the most on these for me. Something about the expression and pose just works very well for the character.

Brian said...

I love when you do Supergirl on that color paper and Powergirl looks great on it as well.

As for the Sox, after the Yanks dropped their final home game to a substitute pitcher, the Sox have a two game lead with six left to play with all of the Sox games at home and all the Yanks games on the road, albeit in Tampa and Baltimore. So, at this point, I like our chances to hold on to the division, but given the current records of the Indians and Angels, we might win the Division and still not have homefield advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

My wish list would have the Yanks traveling out to LA, whether they are the Division Champs or the Wild Card, but given that the Yanks are 6 and 0 against the Indians this year, I suspect that might do what they can to arrange a rematch and avoid the Angels who seem to have their number.

Brian said...

Speaking of unstoppable, how about those Patriots.

Brady has 16 incompletions . . . for the season with 10 touchdowns and Moss appears to be not only better than advertised, but it doesn't even look like he's at max effort yet.

As for the defense, sure they haven't forced a field goal in the Red Zone yet, but that's probably because in 16 quarters of football, the other team has been in the Red Zone only 5 times.

todd said...

i feel so bad not posting here as regularly as everyone else. but being privvy to all these awesome pieces days or sometimes weeks makes me feel redundant since i've already heaped so much praise on craig for them already!

i LOVE these pieces--love craig's girls!!--and especially dig the brightness of that shocking blue paper! kara and kara really pop off the page! and, being on the inside a bit on this, i DO wanna point out how very hard it is to do what craig does with these canson pieces--it's not just a matter of coloring the costumes and the characters in, in some case--in MOST cases--the paper is fighting you and you have to make color choices that don't always make sense. just another one of craig's many, MANY talents that make him the awesome artist that i've been raving about for years!
he hates me for posting like this, but it's true!
these are awesome!
and you're the most underrated artist in comics!

okay, i'll shut up now.

Brian said...

Not to join too heavily in the praise fest, but I've seen a few other artists work with the colored canson paper, and those pieces just don't seem to have the same visual "pop" as Craig's work.

dogboy443 said...

So can we give the Inhuman guys a chance and let's see a Black Bolt/Trigon Canson!!!?


Matt Wieringo said...

Todd put into words exactly what I was thinking about Craig's Canson work. It's what I love about the drawings and why I have three of them hanging on my wall. I've just never been able to articulate what's so amazing about them. Todd must be some kind of writer or sumpin'.

steve said...

I agree with the above sentiments. These pieces are amazing!

Neil Hill said...

You draw some gorgeous cartoonified ladies, Craig! Great stuff, my friend.

Brian said...

The Sox win, the Sox win!

dogboy443 said...

Palpebon dances the RiverDance and Youk exposes his super-power...running in place!!!!


dogboy443 said...

...and to help with the drool factor...we got comped tickets for Game one of the play-offs!!!

Play ball!!