Friday, December 21, 2007

more potter!

okay, besides getting ready for the holidays, i've been working away on both the x-men first class story and finishing up the haps annual... and with the tv writers strike (and usual holiday lull in new shows) i've found myself turning off the tv and listening to music (without even seeing the movie, i got the soundtrack to "walk hard" and got a big kick out of it ) and audiobooks - and finally finished listening to "harry potter and the goblet of fire" - man, i'm just amazed at how well all of these books fit together - now, onto "order of the phoenix"...

in my few free moments before crashing at night, i got back to doing a few more character pieces, this time harry and ron (while my take on harry was pretty easy to get down, ron went through a few different sketches...)

still have a few i wanna do at some point (but who knows when i'll get to'm - like hagrid, ginnie, mad eye, sirius and voldemort, and maybe even a few others)... but here's the whole set so far!

alright, off to get the boy at school - if i don't get back to you before then, merry christmas (to those who celebrate it..) and happy holidays!



Brian said...

Great stuff Craig. You are really rocking the world of Harry Potter.

A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.


P.S. And a Per-Happy New Year to all.

Bill Nolan said...

Merry Christmas, guys.

todd said...

beautiful potters, c!
love them all and, as i said, not at all influenced by the movies--these are great!
and though i don't want you to stop working on the haps stuff, would love to see ginny (i know it's wrong that i love ginny) and mad eye moody! i think brendan gleason is a great actor, but when i read the book, mad eye's description was much different--
great work, bro!


Anonymous said...

Definetly would like to see your take on mad eye...
Awesome art, as always...

Have a Merry Christmas yourself!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Nice stuff C! Not that it's a surprise really!!

Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, Awesome!

Have a Merry Christmas

Brian said...

I was thinking of this blog entry while watching my nephew open his four Harry Potter action figures as well as his Harry Potter wand on Christmas Eve - that's when our family celebrates.

I'll definitely have to get Alex a copy of the canson sketch book that features these beauties.

Matt Wieringo said...