Saturday, September 13, 2008

a few more marvel sketch cards...

so, first things first.. above are a few of the marvel upper deck artist proof sketch cards i've had a chance to do for folks (i've still got a few blanks left to work on here...)

baltimore comic-con is right around the corner on september 27 and 28, so we're in gear to get  get as much done before then as possible (if you're anywhere near the area, you ARE going, right? it's easily one of the top 3 comic conventions i go to - heroes in charlotte and emerald city in seattle being the others - all of which have a similar family friendly, comics first atmosphere run by great folks)... i've had a few folks email about getting on the show  commission list (i hesitate to call'm sketches anymore, since they're not really...), if you're interested, drop a line and we'll see what we can do (i'm planning on doing a  lot of the prelim stuff on the road before the show once i wrap up those last 3 lingering commissions from WAY back and heroes) 

issue 4 of the 'haps will be out that week and we'll have that as well as the other image books, ti shirts, the trading card prints and STACKS of original art for sale ...
work on issue 5 is moving right along too (we've obviously taken a hit in the monthly schedule, but we're trying hard to get it out as fast as possible without sacrificing quality AND making sure you get your $3.50 worth...)

working hard on getting issue 4 of mary jane wrapped up (response seems to be okay... i knew going in there'd be - a. fans who miss the anime look ('cause this ain't it), b. the three of you out there who'd buy it since i was drawing it, c. terry moore fans who'd buy it no matter who was drawing it...) but i'm happy with the way it's turning out (some brilliant coloring by guillem mari), and i'm pretty sure the folks at marvel are happy too (we're talking about my next gig already...)

been watching a LOT of tv on dvd lately while putting in a lot of late nights  (season 4 of the office which went off the track for a bit but managed to pick up towards the end of the set, heroes season 1 holds up pretty well in a short viewing as opposed to spread out over the year... we'll see about season 2... and 3)... been loving the shield this season (nothing good can come of all the plotting and manipulation going back to the very first episode) and trying to get into sons of anarchy (but so far, all the characters are so deeply flawed and criminal i've got one to root for)

on the comics front, not so much getting me really excited about my weekly trip to the shop (the goon, b.p.r.d., criminal are still some of the best books around... most dc stuff leaves me STONE cold these days, while marvel's so hip deep in skrull stuff - good god, it's been SIX issues of a beautifully drawn mini-series that has about TWO issues of content - and i'm not about to read all the other marvel titles connected to have to get the rest of the story...)



gdaybloke said...

Love 'em... are the blanks going into the set, or are you using 'em for commissions?

todd said...

great catching-up blog, brother--
and yeah, ANYBODY going to baltimore...?!?!
can't wait to see ya there!

craig, i think you're doing some fantastic work on the mary jane book (i never really cared for the anime style myself and i've ALWAYS loved your stuff...!) haven't read them yet--i save 'em all up to read at once--but the artwork is just spectacular!

and, i gotta say, after that final episode of season one, and the directionless first half of season two--i'm done with heroes...

Brian said...

I'll be in Baltimore . . . me, me . . . over here . . . the guy in the beard . . . hello . . . . (waves hands over head) . . . hello . . . .

As always, looking forward to seeing you guys.

As for MJ, I guess I'm one of the folks picking it up for your art, Craig, but I am enjoying the story as well, especially since it is, at least so far, Skrull free.

I hear you on DC and Marvel, as I'm just not into the big cross over events, don't think I ever have been, so I'm not reading too much from either of their main lines and I do not think I am missing out on anything or that I'll be going back to any of those books when the cross overs are done - IF they are ever going to be done - unless of course you start drawing one.

See you in 12 days.

P.S. How great is it that this year it falls on the Pats bye-week so we don't miss the game.

2 and 0, who'd of thunk it after the way the season started.

Matt Wieringo said...

Those cards are great, Craig! That top left one is, if I'm not mistaken, an homage to one of my favorite Cap covers of all time.

Can't wait to see you in Baltimore. I'm buying MJ and, at my size, I count as two. So you're up to four now.

Heywood Jablomie said...

i love the gambit and cloak and daggers cards! the others are great too, but outta the bunch those are my faves.

i'm liking MJ-never thought i'd pick it up to be honest but i did cuz you're working on it, but it's been a nice read-keep up the great work on it as i'll be buying the whole run.

and i'll see ya at the con-i'll be that pest lurking on the side haha

marco's blog said...

that cloak and dagger one is fantasitc!!