Wednesday, November 5, 2008

brand new day

feels like we're watching history unfolding before our eyes and it's pretty amazing... here's hoping president elect obama can start to set this nation back on track (but it certainly won't be easy, with the economic turmoil and unpopular wars... and just a bit of extra pressure being the first black president and all).

so, getting ready to head out tomorrow to wizard world texas ... i'll be in a few panels and signings throughout the weekend, as well as in artist alley  booth 2720b... if you're there, swing on by and say "hey!"

so, since i'm short on time, let's cut to the chase... here's a piece i did for an article in the umass dartmouth alumni magazine about a few of us who got into comics (me, bob almond, dave tata, norman lee and bettina kurkoski)... 

back to work!

forgot to mention... even with all the election hullaballoo, i did manage to watch the shield on tivo... holy crap! talk about feeling the noose tightening... only 3 (!?!) more episodes left.


Josh said...

Cool art Craig! I voted for Obama and I'm proud to see that he's going to be our next president. I'm confident that he'll fix the problems that Bush caused and maybe then some. It'll take time but I think you'll see a vast improvement in our country.

Shane said...

Craig, I can't ven guess what will happen next on the Shield! Every episode it looks like someone else is going down! Things always spin out of control on that show but it is getting CRAZY!

Brian said...

It seems there is a new sense of hope and optimism in the country with the election of Obama and that will go a long way to getting us started on the road to economic recovery. It is a long road, but if we can get our reps. to put party aside and country first, I think we will get there.

Kudos on the article in the alumni mag, that is very cool.

Heywood Jablomie said...

nice piece man-i like it alot!

as well as the new site-looks great! only now got the chance to fully look around and check it out.

i too hope that barack can do something for us.

and more kudos on the mag!