Saturday, November 22, 2008

more marvel on the way!

so, looking at the latest solicits for marvel books in february, cat's outta the bag... after wrapping up spider-man loves mary jane 5 (and currently putting issue 5 of the haps to bed FINALLY!), i've jumped right onto another sweet project... 4 issues of marvel adventures featuring CAPTAIN AMERICA! there's gonna be 4 issues (pretty sure they're rotating characters monthly, so the deadlines not killer and will allow me to keep up with the haps) with 2 stories (modern day and 1940's) written by scott gray and roger langridge (who did those great fin fang four stories a while back)...

was gonna post some sketches of cap, but i've been too busy with haps 5, so here's a zatanna commission i finished from a while back (and i was too lazy to write the blog entry title backwards...).

and on that note, back to the haps! i'll post some cap stuff later this week.

(only 1 more shield EVER?! i can't imagine how it's gonna end... this week's confession was mindblowingly intense...)


Joe B said...

Dude, the Shield is off the chain! Love your work, btw.

Brian said...

Very nice Zatanna and even nicer news about you getting to do some Cap for Marvel.

I've got my fingers crossed that you someday get a crack at the Avengers.

As for 'Haps Issue No. 5 - Yeah!

Brian said...
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Heywood Jablomie said...

hey man nice zatanna-looks great!

and i agree-definitely glad to see you get more marvel work, especially with captain america, can't wait for 'em, as well as the next 'haps issue.