Saturday, November 22, 2008

more marvel on the way!

so, looking at the latest solicits for marvel books in february, cat's outta the bag... after wrapping up spider-man loves mary jane 5 (and currently putting issue 5 of the haps to bed FINALLY!), i've jumped right onto another sweet project... 4 issues of marvel adventures featuring CAPTAIN AMERICA! there's gonna be 4 issues (pretty sure they're rotating characters monthly, so the deadlines not killer and will allow me to keep up with the haps) with 2 stories (modern day and 1940's) written by scott gray and roger langridge (who did those great fin fang four stories a while back)...

was gonna post some sketches of cap, but i've been too busy with haps 5, so here's a zatanna commission i finished from a while back (and i was too lazy to write the blog entry title backwards...).

and on that note, back to the haps! i'll post some cap stuff later this week.

(only 1 more shield EVER?! i can't imagine how it's gonna end... this week's confession was mindblowingly intense...)
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