Wednesday, December 3, 2008

!annataz rehtona ,kool, yeh! *

*okay, for all the non-complete comic nerds out there, it's "hey, look, another zatanna!"  backwards like the way she casts her spells, get it?... and would you believe the next one in the queue is zatanna as well? go figure (besides that, i've got one last one of dani and serra from tellos hanging over my head, then i'm done with the commission backlog... well, if you don't count that exiles one for jim... or the "REALLY long overdue but with any luck it'll be done by the time you have your baby" one i owe one of my oldest friends (yeah, bobbby, that's you)

so, here's yet another LONG in the works commission of zatanna and scarlet witch for the very patient hitoshi amano (it's been laid out for months but i never seemed to find the time to finish it)

putting the finishing touches on the last 2 pages of haps 5 and sending them to rico to work his usual magic, layouts for the first marvel adventures cap story are moving along... 

finally got around to finishing the update to the canson paper galleries (6 pages already?) after working out a few kinks with the web hosting server.

seemed weird last night to NOT sit down to a new episode of the shield... sigh. (yet, i still watch the heroes i'm tivoing in the hopes it might get back to being mediocre... but it's like watching a new trainwreck every week... at least chuck is still pretty fun - just rewatched all of season 1 this last week while working and enjoyed it even more the second time)

took the kids to get a picture with santa today... maybe next year we'll manage to get'm both to smile at the same time...(but cat not crying in the picture this year was nice)...

well, these comics don't draw themselves... back to work.
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