Friday, December 12, 2008

christmas '96 x2!

okay, trying to keep up with todd's cards through the years progression, here's not one but TWO christmas cards i did in 96 (wow, crazy how much time a guy without kids had back then)... the "alien" card had the oh, so quippy "merry X-mas" inside (but with the x being a copy of the then in vogue x-files logo)... and the giant angry santa gorilla card (don't remember what the caption was inside, but come on, it's a giant angry santa gorilla)...

and since it was a LOT easier and cheaper than full color back then, these were b/w on card stock with red and green letraset foil ironed on...

have a good weekend! 

-c (hey, this "mining old stuff for posts" thing is a heck of a lot easier than having new art to post) 

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