Friday, December 12, 2008

christmas '96 x2!

okay, trying to keep up with todd's cards through the years progression, here's not one but TWO christmas cards i did in 96 (wow, crazy how much time a guy without kids had back then)... the "alien" card had the oh, so quippy "merry X-mas" inside (but with the x being a copy of the then in vogue x-files logo)... and the giant angry santa gorilla card (don't remember what the caption was inside, but come on, it's a giant angry santa gorilla)...

and since it was a LOT easier and cheaper than full color back then, these were b/w on card stock with red and green letraset foil ironed on...

have a good weekend! 

-c (hey, this "mining old stuff for posts" thing is a heck of a lot easier than having new art to post) 


portalcomics said...

LOL!! good stuff!

Heywood Jablomie said...

hahaha great stuff craig!

i also love theat these were signed pre 'c!' days too!

Brian said...

The aliens are cool, but how do you top an angry Simian Santa.

Answer: Ya' Can't!

I posted a five for friday with a yule tied to TV theme, so head on over and test your knowledge.

And remember, just like with your Christmas Gifts, no peeking.

Reff said...

I think the alien ones had a cool green coloring?

~ Wendy ~ said...

love the cards! Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like an invasion of Christmas attired Aliens! lol

todd said...


craig~ these're awesome! i've never seen 'em before!
love the pen and ink--you mighta lost some of the incredible detail if you'd colored 'em! love 'em!
(and i get a little rick geary inf on the spaceships...! that's cool!)

more, MORE!!