Wednesday, December 31, 2008

one last one for '08

rounding out the commissions for 08 is the third zatanna piece of the year (this one was a bit more work trying for the likeness of the girl and her dog...)

okay, looking back, this year has been pretty good 'round these parts (including the sweet new site design by kieran chapman)... we relaunched the 'haps over at image and managed to get 5 issues out (the 6th just missed by a few weeks...) and i've had plenty of work over a marvel as well (the x-men first class fill in as well as the spidey loves mj mini), as well as a great slate of conventions, a slew of commissions, and oddball freelance stuff... 

09 is shaping up to be a pretty good one too... we've got big plans for the haps (with some of our incredibly talented friends - like jason, leanne, scott, matt, christian, fred, rich, and more - pitching in to keep us on some sort of schedule) and i'll be busy with the marvel adventures  captain america stuff and more down the line...

so, here's wishing everybody a good 09 as well. cheers!


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