Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hoping to get better than 1 or 2 posts a month...

so, looking back in the archives, i realized i'd only had a few posts a months most of the year... we'll see if we can do better this year, shall we?

okay, so i'm pretty sure i didn't post this one before (i did it just before the baltimore convention last year)... one of those "off the beaten path" pieces, first time i'd ever done my take on gandalf... i'd say it came out okay, and david (the owner) seemed pretty happy with it...

i'm headlong into wrapping up the first issue of marvel adventures captain america, finishing a few "deleted" scenes for the haps trade and working on my story for issue 6 ... and  starting to think about getting ready for the nyc show - might be time for a new sketchbook or two... and possibly get a few pre-show commissions done -  (looks like the cap book should be out by that week... and diamond says issue 5 of the perhapanauts is out next week!)


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